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Network Services

We aren't Internet Service Provider, but we'll be able to connect you to the best ISP's networks. For the best service level we cooperate with the best networking specialists and system administrators in Armenia. Also we work with one of the best datacenters in the world, ThePlanet Inc. (Texas Datacenter) to provide best service and affordable prices.

Design and installation of Local Area and Wild Area Networks with the best hardware and technologies. 3 years full warranty for hardware and servers.


Hi speed internet connection by dedicated lines (DSL/ADSL/ISDN) or by air (Radio modems/WiFi) from the best Armenian ISPs.

Eenterprise levels Web, Mail, Proxy, SQL, File and Backup servers for your company's information security and redundancy. Installation and administration.

Ultra speed servers from ThePlanet Inc., USA. Hi speed connections to internet backbones,
highest class security, redundancy, privacy and full control to your server.



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50% discounts on services for non commercial and educational organizations.


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