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Direct BUSINESS 2007

Trade and Stocks Control System

Direct Business software package is for automating Trade and Stocks Control process.

This program has unique features: you can have unlimited trade places, stocks, receive data from outside without the internet - just via phone line, control, organize and analyze your activities, suppliers and customers invoices and payments, control your expeditors and many other useful reports!

Pricelists' dynamic system allow you to have many pricelists and discounts for each client and inventory.

Powerful reporting subsystem allow you to get any report you need in few seconds!

You can get demo versions of Direct Business from our site's download section as well as from our Resellers.

Main Features

Trade from different places, with many documents and expeditors. Get your business well organized!

Control, analyse and organize your customers, supliers, duties and payments. Get all the reports you need in few seconsd!

Many analyical reports for any peroid - from a day to many years, groupped by stocks, partners or expeditors.

Transfer your data securely - connect your affiliates directly, without internet - via phone line. No viruses, no trojans, no sniffers! Just you and your data.

Protect your data with password. Implemented also user-level security and multi user environment.

100% in Armenian. Well designed and implemented structure, printed manual and videocourse for easy learning.
Guaranteed easy - or your money back!

This program can be integrated with our other accounting software.



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