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Direct Accounting 2007

(General Ledger and Balance Sheet)

Direct Accounting 2007 accounting software is for general ledger transactions organization, control and analyzing. A really fantastic tool for professional accountants who needs a powerful, rich featured software. Direct Accounting 2007 is well designed and implemented tool created by professional accountants and programmers team. The software package includes a video course, printed manual and installation CD with instructions. The software is 100% in Armenian, which makes learning process very easy and fast.

You can download Demo versions of Direct Accounting 2007 from our site get demo CDs from our distributors shops, offices.

Main Features:

General Ledger organization, control and analyzing.

Account's tree modification, creation of own accounts.

Powerful analyzing and reporting. Many analyical reports for any peroid - from a day to many years, groupped by stocks, partners or expeditors.

Protect your data with password. Implemented also user-level security.

100% in Armenian. Well designed and implemented structure, printed manual and videocourse for easy learning.

This program can be integrated with our other accounting software.




New version released 7 July 2006.




Printed manual
Accountants' corner
Accounting events


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