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More than 8 years in the market, strong developers team and professional consultations lets us to create any kind of software for your business: standalone databases, software with Client - Server architecture, Web based applications  and software for Hardware Control. So if you need a specific software for your unique needs, don't hesitate to contact us!

For Armenian companies we've developed powerful, rich featured business applications with full training and support package.

Direct Accounting 2007 General Ledger and Balance
General Ledger processing, accounts' analytical and synthetic reporting, balance sheet generation and documents printing with further analyzing.

Direct Business 2007 Trade and Stocks
Shops, stocks, clients, material and financial flows control and organization, production, debits and credits, payments control and many other features for your business control.


Direct Personnel 2007 Personnel and Salary
Personnel control system. Personnel database, grouping, reporting. Salary, income and social security taxes calculation and cumulative reports.

Direct Money 2007 Cash control
Organize, manage and analyze your financial flows. Expenses and incomes, taxes, money transfers and other well organized, rich features.



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