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We are happy you visited our site. Our company is providing unique, high quality IT services in Armenia. For more information about all our services and prices select the category you interested or just contact us if you can't find the service you need.

Licensed Software
We provide 100% licensed software - operating systems, office and network utilities, antivirus / anti spyware software and encryption tools to ensure your company's information security.


Direct PC
Mission critical computers assembled and tested by our certified professionals with the best possible configuration.
Hi End technologies for your business!


Accounting Software
Armenian accounting software for General ledger, Stocks and Trade management, Personnel administration etc. Video courses, manuals, comprehensive support and consulting.


LAN/WAN design and installation, Mail, Proxy, Web, File, Print and other servers installation and administration, professional web design and ultra fast web hosting.


Security Services
Our security consultants will design your company's information security policy and install necessary software and hardware to ensure your privacy.



Control your stock and trade, general ledger, personnel, finances and other activities.


Antivirus, encryption and other security software for your privacy and  information security.

Professional web design and programming.  



Computers, accessories,  parts... Buy only high class hardware online!


WAN/LAN and servers installation, maintenance and administration.



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